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Gowland Family Lawyers is proudly run by mother and daughter team, Lyndal Gowland and Amy Anthony.

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Gowland Family Lawyers specialise in all areas of family law.

Gowland Family Lawyers offers extensive experience in solving issues for clients in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that resolving disputes can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. Our experience shows that success in resolving a family law dispute depends on early intervention and clear dispute resolution or litigation planning. With a strong strategy in place, we work with you to resolve the dispute efficiently, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome.

Gowland Family Lawyers successfully resolve disputes, if possible, before they become litigious, by implementing a strategy that best achieves your objectives while recognising the economic and emotional realities. Where litigation is unavoidable, our team has the resources and expertise to successfully resolve potentially expensive and protracted family law disputes.

We take the time needed to fully understand your legal position and diligently seek favourable outcomes.

Our team of exceptional lawyers have used their skills and expertise to achieve a variety of legal outcomes. Our track record includes the amicable separation of assets and child custody arrangements and the resolution of matters litigated in Court, winning leading family law cases.

We have had great success in the family law system of protecting women and children from domestic abuse. As well as our in-depth understanding of Family Violence and Domestic Abuse law, we recognise the signs of coercive control, financial abuse, isolation and other abusive tactics. We know their devastating impact on women and children. With our years of experience and expertise in this area, we can help you navigate the Family Law system to achieve an outcome that safeguards you and your children.

Gowland Family Lawyers offers personalised legal services to clients locally, around Australia and across the world. 

What our clients say

Successful Negotiated Outcomes  

We have a proven track record of successfully negotiating property settlements and parenting arrangements with a view to resolving all disputes quickly, fairly and in a cost-effective manner.  

Most of our clients’ family law issues are resolved without court proceedings through negotiated settlements resulting in consent orders. We have successfully negotiated resolution of even complex legal issues this way, including where one client was authorised to relocate back to her homeland after separation, with their child.  

To find out more about how we negotiate successful outcomes visit our Resolution Pathways page. 

Landmark cases 

By our strategic advocacy and casework, Gowland Family Lawyers has made a positive impact on the family law and legal systems, as well as on the lives of women and children.   

We have made the family law system work to protect women and children from domestic violence and abuse, for example:

S & F case FCCA 1830 – A case about the father’s domestic abuse; Father to have no contact and mother to have sole parental responsibility.

The Court in this parenting case granted the mother an order that the father could not contact nor communicate with the child.  The Court also made orders for the mother to have sole parental responsibility of the child. The Court recognised the effect upon the child and upon the mother of the father’s domestic abuse.

S & F case FCCA 1831 – A case about obtaining a legal cost award.

The Court in this legal-costs case granted an order in favour of the mother for the father to pay the mother’s own legal costs as well as the mother’s share of the costs of the Independent Children’s Lawyer.

National Domestic and Family Violence Court Bench Book, Australian Institute of Judicial Administration Inc.

The Bench Book is a central resource for judicial officers considering legal issues relevant to domestic and family violence cases, and assists them with decision-making, judgment writing and determining the appropriate course of action in any individual case.  

Included in the Bench Book is our 2015 case, Corby & Corby [2015] FCCA 1099 where the mother’s secretly-recorded evidence of the father’s violence was admitted. 

Law Reform 

Gowland Family Lawyers’ law reform submissions have been an important part of the evidence base for law reform and policy development. Some of our submissions to government include: 

Presentation to Coercive Control Inquiry 

Presentation to NSW Parliamentary Inquiry: Response to Crimes Legislation Amendment (Coercive Control) Bill 2022.

Gowland Family Lawyers expertise was recognised by NSW Parliament who invited Gowland Family Lawyers to address the Parliamentary Inquiry on the benefits of criminalising coercive control.

Panel See What You Made Me Do, Jess Hill

Lyndal is often invited to speak at events, on family law and ending domestic abuse and coercive control. Her most recent appearance was on a panel at the 2021 Bad Sydney Crime Writers Festival with Jess Hill, author of See What You Made Me Do. 

Gowland Family Lawyers has high-level expertise in, and a strong commitment to, preventing domestic abuse. Our legal services and advocacy demonstrate this. See Services – Domestic Abuse for more information.


We see it as our responsibility to use our skills and resources to help others in our community. Our people contribute their time and expertise to be board members of law related associations, work on pro bono matters and organise community initiatives, some of which we detail below.  

Gowland Family Lawyers
Against Domestic
Abuse Awards

Gowland Family Lawyers is a committed advocate for survivors of domestic abuse. This firm strives to achieve justice for women and children surviving domestic abuse.

Since 2016 Gowland Family Lawyers have held the Gowland Family Lawyers Against Domestic Abuse Awards annually. It is an irreverent evening of canapés and cocktails to:

  • Acknowledge the strength of domestic abuse victims/survivors;
  • Denounce the deniers of domestic abuse;
  • Thank the frontline workers, advocates and academics; and
  • Commend those who raise awareness and address the gendered nature of domestic abuse.

The Awards

Victim/Survivor Strength: Acts of Resistance

This award is given each year to recognise the countless acts of resistance and resilience of victim/survivors in the face of campaigns of domestic abuse conducted by the abuser.
It is essential for this award to honour the strength of all victim/survivors, therefore this Award is given to the organisation who successfully nominates a de-identified example of victim/survivor strength.

Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence Prevention

This award is given each year to a person who strived to utilise their public profile to affect the prevention of domestic abuse.

Leichhardt Women’s Health Centre 

Gowland Family Lawyers support the important work of the Leichhardt Women’s Health Centre. We provide a range of pro bono legal services that include specialised legal clinics, legal skills workshops and advice. 

Women Partners of Bisexual Men 

We provide non-judgemental, specialised legal advice and legal skills workshops for women whose male partners are attracted to men. 

It’s safe to get in touch here.

Women Lawyers Association of NSW

Lyndal Gowland is the Committee Member: Chair of Education, drives reform impacting on the family law system and represents the Association on the National Council of Women NSW.

Amy Anthony is a member of the Association and has made a significant contribution to reform impacting on the family law system.


Through memberships of various professional bodies, our people use their skills and expertise to contribute to law reform and support positive change to the legal system for the benefit of the community.

Our people are members of various bodies including, the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, NSW Law Society, City of Sydney Law Society, Women Lawyers Association of NSW and the Hellenic (Greek) Australian Lawyers Association.

Legal Aid Family Law Panel 

Legal Aid is available in some circumstances for proceedings under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth). Gowland Family Lawyers are members of the Legal Aid Family Law Panel. 

Marrickville Heritage Society  

The society promotes the research and appreciation of Marrickville LGA’s heritage, history, environment and cultural diversity. As the society’s honorary solicitor, Lyndal Gowland provides legal services to support the preservation of inner west heritage. 

Sponsorships and Donations

Gowland Family Lawyers support the important contributions made by schools and community groups by making donations, volunteering at various events, and providing our office space.

We prioritise positive negotiated outcomes over the stress and cost of going to court.