Gowland Family Lawyers specialise in all areas of family law.

Ways we can help you with your family law matter.

Divorce and Separation

Assistance with Pre-separation Steps and Post-separation pathways

When you’re facing separation where do you start? We offer an obligation free initial consultation which normally takes half an hour.

In this consult, you will get a clear idea of your next steps and how best to protect your interests. You can seek our advice before or after you have separated, including guidance on any agreement you already have, or are considering. 

Contact ustoday for a consultation. Our family lawyers have extensive experience to guide you every step of the way in resolving family law disputes – in and out of the courtroom.  

Resolution Pathways

We can help you resolve your family law issues after separation, whether it’s an amicable settlement or a more complex matter.

Our experienced family and divorce lawyers can advise you of the options to settle your dispute quickly, while avoiding the stress and costs of going to court.   

We provide expert legal advice, explaining each process you will need to consider before deciding how your matter should proceed.  

Some resolution options include:

  • Take No Action: Information Only 
  • You Have An Agreement: Consent Orders 
  • You Need Help to Negotiate a Solution 
  • Mediation: Dispute Resolution 
  • Family Arbitration 
  • Court Proceedings 

There are a range of options to resolve every family law matter, to learn more about these options visit our Resolution Pathways page here.

Facing a family law matter can be stressful and confusing. Learn how the law can work for you, with Gowland Family Lawyers by your side.

Division of Finances

Your Fair Share of the Assets

Our property settlement lawyers can provide you with advice and support relating to:

  • Housing  
  • Income  
  • Applications for Consent Orders  
  • Negotiations for the division of assets 
  • Interim release of funds 
  • Exclusive occupancy of the home  
  • Protection of pets 
  • Restraints to prevent dissipation of assets 
  • Valuation of complex assets 
  • Mediation  
  • Litigation 
  • Representation of third-party interests 
  • Enforcement 
  • Appeals 

We will always provide you with attentive, thorough and competent legal counsel to protect your finances and property throughout the dispute resolution process. Contact us here.

Parenting Arrangements That Put Your Children First 

We prioritise the best interests of you and your children and can provide advice and support relating to:

  • Disagreements over issues relating to decision-making:
    • equal shared parental responsibility 
    • sole parental responsibility 
  • Parenting Plans and Parenting Agreements 
  • Planning shared care parenting arrangements that are not 50/50, if this does not benefit the child 
  • Application for Consent Orders 
  • Interstate and international recovery 
  • Interstate and international relocation 
  • Complex parenting issues including: domestic abuse,
    substance abuse, mental health issues, child sexual assault and flight risks
  • Appeals

Our parenting plan lawyers are experienced in child custody and shared care matters. To find out what your options may be, contact us.

Financial Support

Child Support and Spouse Maintenance

Financial insecurity following separation is stressful, especially if you do not have the capacity to support yourself. We can assist you to obtain financial support from your ex-partner by:

  • Interim spouse maintenance
  • Final spouse maintenance 
  • Enforcement of international maintenance orders 

Some ways we can assist you to obtain financial support for your children from your ex-partner include: 

  • Child Support Assessments 
  • Departure from Child Support Assessments 
  • Child Support Agreements 
  • Enforcement of Child Support obligations 
  • Overseas Child Maintenance Orders 
  • Appeals  

There are more options for you and your children to obtain housing security and financial support from your ex-partner. To find out what suits your circumstances, contact us here.

Domestic Abuse

Considering leaving an abusive relationship? 

This is a time when you need all the support you can get.

Gowland Family Lawyers can assist you navigate the legal system and provide information and advice to help you make the best decisions for your circumstances.

Are you trying to achieve secure housing, income security and financial independence? Gowland Family Lawyers can assist you by:

  • Considering leaving an abusive relationship?
  • Preparing and planning for your future
  • We understand the complexity of domestic abuse

Our legal expertise in protecting victim/survivors of domestic abuse is made evident by our:

  • Landmark cases
  • Successful Law Reform

You may need advice on preparing to leave and ensuring secure housing, income security and financial independence so you can heal and recover safe from violence.


  • Property and Financial Matters 
  • Parenting 
  • Other points of law including conflicts, costs, forum, threshold determinations and limitation periods 

International Family Law 

  • Child Maintenance Disputes 
  • Parenting Disputes 
  • Financial & Property Disputes 
  • Jurisdictional (forum) Disputes 

We pursue secure housing, income security and financial independence.