Resolution Pathways 

We prioritise positive negotiated outcomes over the stress and cost of going to court.

Should the need for litigation arise, Gowland Family Lawyers will provide strategic and compelling representation and assist you to obtain the best possible outcome.

Our team of exceptional lawyers have used their skills and expertise to achieve a variety of legal outcomes through a range of pathways.

We provide expert legal advice, explaining each process you will need to consider before deciding how your matter should proceed, however straightforward or complex your matter is and regardless of which pathway you choose.

Some resolution options are: 

Take No Action: Information Only 

Sometimes it is in your best interest not to take any action. We give information, guidance and advice to light the way to a resolution of your issue, before you take any significant steps that may negatively affect your rights.  

It is always best to obtain legal advice sooner rather than later, as some early errors can be hard to correct. 

You Have An Agreement: Consent Orders 

If you have made an agreement about property, finances or parenting arrangements with your ex-partner, we help make your agreement legally binding by way of an Application for Consent Orders.  

Consent Orders can also be used to vary or discharge your existing family law orders, where you have agreement to do so.  

You Need Help to Negotiate a Solution 

We can assist you to negotiate your property settlement and parenting arrangements with a view to resolving all disputes quickly, fairly and in a cost-effective manner.  

Most of our clients’ family law issues are resolved without court proceedings, through negotiated settlements resulting in consent orders. We have successfully negotiated the resolution of even complex legal issues this way, including where one client was authorised to relocate back to her homeland after separation, with their child.  

Mediation: Dispute Resolution 

We’ll guide you to obtaining the best outcome possible by: 

  • helping you thoroughly prepare to represent yourself at mediation; or
  • attending mediation with you to provide further advice, along with representation and support. 


Why consider mediation? 

Clients often find mediation useful for a number of reasons such as: 

  • it is quicker, less expensive and less stressful than going to court; 
  • you make your own decisions rather than having a judge decide; and 
  • you can easily return to mediation as your situation changes, or if prior agreements have broken down. 


At any time before, during or after court proceedings, you can use mediation to help resolve property, financial or parenting issues.   


Importance of the right mediator 

It is essential to employ a mediator who has the skill-set best suited to your needs. The ‘right’ mediator can help you come to a mutually agreeable solution, avoid court proceedings and validate your concerns. 

We can guide you to choose a mediator who will understand your individual circumstances and is best equipped to assist you.

Family Arbitration 

If you are unable to reach an agreement about property or finances, you may want to consider arbitration – a quicker, less expensive alternative to court proceedings.  

During arbitration, the parties’ lawyers present legal arguments to an independent arbitrator of your choice. Within 28 days, the arbitrator will issue their decision about the terms of the financial settlement. The decision is final, registered with the Court and has the effect of a court order. 

Court Proceedings 

Initiating court action is a last resort, as it is emotionally and financially draining. 

Court proceedings are a pathway you may reluctantly find yourself on because of the attitude of the other party, or because you have decided you need the assistance of a court order. 

Should the need for litigation arise, Gowland Family Lawyers will provide strategic and compelling representation and assist you to obtain the best possible outcome in your matter. 

Are you facing litigation or arbitration? Don’t face it alone. Contact us today for a consultation. Our expert family lawyers have been protecting the interests of children and families since 2009.  

With a strong strategy in place, we work with you to resolve the dispute efficiently, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome.

There are a range of options to resolve every family law matter.

To learn more about your options: